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Many people dislike kitchen cleaning, and we get why.

Getting rid of grease, oil, and other disgusting residue is not an attractive job.

If you dislike routine kitchen cleaning, you better get a range hood to prevent your kitchen from becoming a greasy mess.

A range hood captures airborne grease, dust, and pollutants in your kitchen and keeps them from covering your cabinets and countertops.

In doing so, the range hood guarantees the quality of your kitchen air and makes kitchen cleaning more manageable.

However, the kitchen hood could also become covered in grease, oil, and dirt after some time.

As much as it’s nasty and revolting, you must clean your range hood.

Call Air Clean AAA for your range hood cleaning needs.

Our technicians are happy to help you achieve an immaculate kitchen using our expertise and skills.

We also offer air duct cleaning and vent cleaning on the same day.

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Maintain Kitchen Air Quality

The kitchen air is a concoction of many different odors and airborne matter.

Without proper ventilation, these smells and pollutants will pile up until you can no longer breathe normally inside your kitchen.

The range hood ensures proper airflow inside your kitchen and maintains air quality.

It sucks in airborne grease, odors, and particulate matter from your kitchen air and takes them outside.

As a result, your indoor air remains pleasant and breathable.

However, the efficiency of your kitchen hood depends on its condition and cleanliness.

If you haven’t cleaned your kitchen hood, grease and dirt will cover its surface and slow down its performance.

To restore range hood efficiency, you must degrease and clean it regularly.

Range Hood Cleaning is a Fire Prevention Measure

Did you know that cleaning your kitchen hood is more than just making it look spotless and pleasant?

It also has safety and health implications.

Grease is highly combustible.

It will burn and catch fire easily when you introduce flame.

This means that grease build-up in your kitchen is a fire risk.

If you own a restaurant business, you should clean your range hood more frequently than residential hoods.

Since you cook more in commercial settings, your range hood will collect more grease.

Cleaning your commercial kitchen hood will ensure your safety against catching fire and compliance to fire safety regulations.

When Does Your Range Hood Need Maintenance?

Range hood cleaning must be done regularly.

Excessive grease build-up on your hood will prevent its peak performance and shorten its life expectancy.

So, how do you know when it’s time to clean your kitchen range hood?

How dirty your hood gets depends on many factors, including the cooking frequency and types of foods you cook.

Our technicians generally recommend cleaning your residential range hood once every 12 months.

Commercial kitchen hoods could require more frequent cleaning, such as once a month or quarterly.

Here are some indications that you need to clean your range hood:

  • Smoke does not dissipate quickly
  • The range hood motor is unusually noisy
  • You notice grease and oil covering the hood surface

Professional Range Hood Cleaning

Would you rather spend your weekend cleaning your range hood or hanging out with your family?

Of course, you would choose the latter!

So, why don’t you leave the task of kitchen hood cleaning to the best duct cleaning company in Galt?

Air Clean AAA technicians offer excellent professional kitchen range hood cleaning.

Our team has over decades of experience cleaning range hoods, exhaust fans, vents, and ducts.

We employ professional techniques, high-quality cleaning tools, and products to ensure that your range hood is thoroughly cleaned.

We are confident that we can remove all stubborn grease and grime on your hood surface.

Our technicians will finish cleaning your range hood within the day with our knowledge and skills.

Why Choose Air Clean AAA?

You should choose our company because we are the best cleaners of range hoods, air ducts, vents, exhaust fans, and more.

Our team consists of highly experienced and certified technicians.

We have worked with a wide range of hoods throughout our years in the industry.

Whether you have stainless steel, canopy, under-mounted, or slide-out range hood, we’ve got you covered.

Air Clean AAA technicians utilize effective cleaning techniques and products to remove the most stubborn grease and grime.

Our team guarantees we will leave your range hood and kitchen surfaces spotless and odor-free.

Call us now for the best hood duct cleaning in Galt.

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